How inbound marketing works and how you can benefit as an insurance broker

Marketing has changed drastically over the past few years and is still changing every day with the rise of digital marketing. One of the most effective digital marketing strategies today is Inbound Marketing.

The days of selling your policy to clients are over…

Inbound marketing has changed online marketing- rather than bombarding clients with direct mail, cold calling and using other outbound marketing to sell to them,…. get them to come to you.

As the name suggests, it is an inward approach that attracts clients by using content marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimization rather than just selling insurance policies to them.

Some of the fastest growing brokers such as Simply Business and Bought by Many are growing exponentially using inbound marketing.

[Watch this great video which summarises what inbound marketing is]


Aviva, one of the largest general insurers utilises inbound marketing to attract and convert users online to regular customers. The good news is that you do not have to be as large as Aviva to take advantage of inbound marketing. The right level of content and a well thought out strategy can see you emulating the success of Aviva.

Inbound Marketing is the Future

Inbound marketing is here to stay. As the world grows more and more connected through digital technology, the importance of inbound marketing cannot be overemphasised. Insurance brokers stand a chance to gain tremendously from the benefits of inbound marketing.

The inbound approach is a unique one which requires thoughtful planning and execution to achieve the desired results. A variety of content such a blog posts, infographics, videos, Memes, podcasts etc. can be used to attract, educate and empower users to make the right decision on their policies.

The BrokerLink team are not only experts in inbound digital marketing but we also understand and are focused on insurance brokers and what strategies work within the industry. Contact us now and we will map out a practical strategy that will increase your policy sales while staying in line with all FCA requirements.

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How inbound marketing works and how you can benefit as a broker
Article Name
How inbound marketing works and how you can benefit as a broker
Rather than broadcasting your fleets to prospective clients who might not be interested, attract interested clients through inbound marketing.
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