5 Factors To Consider When Hiring A Digital Marketer In 2018

All too soon 2018 is here. The insurance broker market had a good year and we are hoping for an even better year. The big push this year will come from those brokers who adapt to the digital age and make use of email, social media and other digital marketing techniques. Digital is here to stay so start planning for it now. 

So if there is a time to take digital marketing seriously as a broker, now is the time.

To get you on your way, we have put together these 5 things you need to consider when hiring a digital marketer, to ensure you grow your business:

1. Define Your Objectives

This is a question you should ask before you hire a digital marketer. Before you hire someone, you should have clear and specific goals that you want the person to help you to achieve. Are you looking to generate more leads for fleet or are you trying to make your business clients aware of your high net worth policies. Maybe you are trying to break into commercial after so many years doing personal lines.

Whatever your objectives, make sure that you clearly define it before hiring a digital marketer.

2. Compliance

Not all digital marketers are insurance brokers as well. As you know, compliance has to sit at the heart of everything we do. So it is important that you always find a marketer who understands the industry and compliance. Someone who knows their TCF from their FCA. A marketer who understands their ICOBS from their social media and has a team who understands what the FCA looks out for.

You will need a digital marketer who understands these terms and can make sure that all your digital marketing efforts are in line with the rules and regulations.

3. Strategy

You want to get more leads and to increase your gwp and you know that digital marketing can help you achieve that. The only problem is how am I going to put everything together? Digital marketing is very broad and can be very confusing, how do you create engaging posts or visuals? Should I use email marketing, or social media, search engine optimisation (and what is that even) or should I use videos, blogs, images, etc? The truth is that all these elements must come together in a usable strategy if you are to benefit from digital marketing.

4. How Much Are You Willing To Spend?

How much of your budget is being allocated to digital marketing? If you spend too little, you may not be able to implement the required strategies to achieve your digital marketing objectives. However, if you spend too much, you will not have enough funds for other important aspects of traditional marketing. The key is to get a balance.


Before you hire a digital marketer, figure out your budget and what is most important to you. How much of it will go into social media, and how much will go into email marketing, or search engine marketing? If you are not sure about how much you actually need to spend then fill this form for a quick assessment.

5. Level of Engagement

Another important factor to consider is whether you need a full-time digital marketer for your business or a part-time one. If you cannot match the Jelfs or your Marsh’s of this world, why not outsource your digital marketing and get it of your hands. Digital marketing is a very engaging job. It has the potential to put your business on the map and get you new customers, but you have to be ready to put in the work else, get someone to do it so you can focus on broking. 

If you need help with any of this, ask for our free advice service- just a conversation and no hard sell.


Brokerlink is solely dedicated to brokers and as such we understand a broker’s language.

Digital marketing, if implemented properly, can revolutionize your broker business, and increase your returns exponentially. This possibility, however, depends on hiring the right digital marketer. These 5 factors above, can guide you in making the right choice when hiring a digital marketer in 2018.




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