Insurance Brokers – Why your email marketing isn’t working

Social media marketing has been a major breakthrough in the digital marketing world with over 3 billion users globally. That means that about 40% of the population of the world is using at least one social media account. But the thing is, that before any social media account can be created an email is required. Email is the mother of all digital marketing and as an insurance broker, it will be a useful tool to getting those policy signups. However many brokers do not know how to capitalize on email marketing to reap the benefits.

Here are a few reasons why with alternative solutions.

1. No Plan

Every strategy requires a plan and if you want to use email marketing to increase your GWPs then you will need a concrete and actionable email marketing plan. This plan will serve as the blueprint for creating and executing your email marketing approach. This will ensure that your audience is receiving the right information from you at the time they need it.

Your email marketing approach will be relevant to your clients and will keep them engaged.

2. General Emails

Don’t be too general in your emails. People like to feel special and unique. Call them by their names within the emails you send out. Personalized emails have a 6X higher open rate than general emails. Also, segment your list to properly segregate your audience based on their stage in your sales cycle. You would like to send newcomers to your mailing list information that will be appropriate for them like testimonials and the value that you can offer them whiles older clients can receive the various policies that you have to offer them.

Keep the emails short but engaging as well.

3. Wrong Audience

Sending the right information to the wrong people can be a real headache. Because you can create a list of clients to send your emails to doesn’t mean that you should just add anyone to the list. Your list should contain your target group, people who are interested in insurance. Filter out the users that do not open your emails consecutively to create a mailing list which has the target audience at heart. Doing this will ensure that your email is received and read by the right people for your business.

4. Lack of professionals

Whether you are sending out emails on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, one thing is certain. You will need a team of professionals to be consistent and engaging. Email is basically communication, and it requires trained professionals in content creation, graphic design, research, communications etc., These professionals will work with a schedule and will keep your emails active.

Brokerlink is equipped with a team that understands the brokerage space and hence can clearly reach and communicate with your target audience. Get in touch today if you want to add a professional touch to your digital marketing approach.

5. Too many emails

Just because you can send an unlimited number of emails to people doesn’t mean you have to. Your clients’ are most likely subscribed to other mailing lists so you wouldn’t want to be a part of the noise. Instead of bombarding their inboxes with too many emails, rather send them timely and structured emails at least once a month. This would cause a drastic change in your email marketing approach.

Let us know if you noticed any other approach that might be useful to insurance brokers.






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