5 Reasons to Run An Email Marketing Campaign About ‘Wanna Cry’

Unless you have been on holiday on an exotic beach somewhere, cut away from all information and with a mojito in your hand, you would have heard of the Wanna Cry ransom cyber-attack which hit the UK and over 150 countries in the world? (Some shown below).

Many firms have had experts working over the weekend to prevent new infections. The virus took control of users’ files and demanded $300 (£230) payments to restore access.

The spread of the WannaCry ransomware attack slowed over the weekend but the respite might only be brief, experts have said. More than 200,000 computers have been affected so far.

Source BBC.com


So basically Wanna Cry is a computer malware which takes over user’s files and locks them out whilst demanding $300 to give them access.

Countries hit in initial hours of cyber attack

Why Should You Start an Email Marketing Campaign Around ‘Wanna Cry’?

The latest cyber-attack has been described by Microsoft as a wake-up call for cyber security and some experts have said this is only the start.

Here are 5 ways reasons why you should start a marketing campaign around this:

Show your knowledge

As a great broker, this is a chance for you to show your knowledge, expertise and also how proactive you are to your existing and potential clients.

Make sales

You can use email marketing to promote and upsell on your cyber insurance cover to get the maximum effect.

Be resourceful

Using email marketing is a cost effective way to reach a large number of clients very quickly and to make them aware of what to look out for.

Be unique

Running such a campaign will set you apart from 90% of other brokers in the market and will give you a competitive advantage at next renewal.

Gain a stronghold on your clients

Remember, if you are not emailing or speaking to your clients about this, is another broker doing the job for you?

If you don’t currently have the time or resource to run an email marketing campaign on Wanna Cry, click here to drop us an email at the BrokerLink and we can talk you through what you can do.

But before you start:

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